#net2welly unconference report

The 2017 conference was in February and was a blast, 72 people came, we discussed 19+ topics and it exceeded expectations!

Check out the conference report and the session notes in Takeaways

The unconference, and our meetups, are learning events focused on helping people working in good causes get more out of the online platforms their organisations use. And networking, and having fun too!

The net2welly programme is decided by you, the participants. Take control of your learning!

Unconference venue generously provided by Massey University at their Wellington campus. Sponsored by InternetNZ and supported by heaps of great people...

Our thanks to you all!

Net2welly tweets

net2welly RT @NetSquared: #Wellington: Sharing #NPtech battle stories from 2017 (so far), over soup! https://t.co/e0iqH4fXGf Aug 8 #npnz @TechSoupNZ
net2welly [Meetup] Sharing battle stories from 2017 (so far), over soup*, Tues 8 Aug. RSVP: https://t.co/YTL3jcRmrM * It’s on us.
net2welly @lachlaninnz Thx for yr msg - Bill & I both been buried, but we’re back in business. Come along Tues 8 Aug, plus more to come. _Sb
net2welly @JennyKayNZ @commonknow_nz I've just checked and asked around - no sign of it here sorry. We'll keep an eye open for it. _Sb
net2welly RT @commonknow_nz: Tonight at @net2welly I recount gleanings from the fab @ntenorg 2017 hui. 530pm, @nzdrug office, Wgtn. All welcome. http…