Getting stuff done online – presenter Helen Baxter

Getting stuff done online meetup with Helen Baxter

Notes by Margaret McLachlan: 

Getting stuff done online was a practical, interactive session. Presenter Helen Baxter asked each member of the audience to outline their ‘pain points’ in their organisation.

She said online tools could be used to address each of these problems, in particular to:

  • Enable conversations, capture and share information
  • Be more efficient and responsive
  • Keep up to date with organisational knowledge.

In each activity of a business – research, planning, managing, internal and external communications – there were tools that could help. Helen shared the tools on both her board with references and via a mindmap on Mindmeister.

She urged us to think about the outcomes we wanted, before reaching for the tool. Some gems of advice were:

  • Get out of your inbox! – set opening and closing times for checking, and export actions
  • Pen and paper is still an important tool – the trick is knowing when to digitise
  • Think meta-data and key words to tag material; this binds content together and creates a body of work
  • Use storytelling to communicate – your community can help tell the story for you if you make it easy and maximise the benefit.

Also, you can views follow-up discussion about other tools on meetup page.

Notes by Margaret McLachlan, Communications & Marketing Manager, Institute of Public Administration New Zealand (IPANZ).

At each session we aim to record insights that can be applied to our everyday wheel. Thanks Margaret for being our first volunteer note-taker.

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  1. Helen Baxter says:

    Thanks to Margaret for the note taking.

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