Putting the Secret SAUCE to work

At the August 2016 NetSquared Wellington meet-up Peter Kerr shared a technique to boost the impact of our written words.

The Secret SAUCE method to crafting powerful messages offers a simple methodology to have more impact. It can be used in the formulation of articles, event notices, email blasts and even to devising a tagline.

Using the SAUCE approach will lead to Simple, Appealing, Unexpected, Credible and Emotion laden messages.

Peter Kerr, Message maker with Punchline has shared both the presentation he made and the book he based it on “Secret SAUCE: how to pack your messages with persuasive punch” by Harry Mills.

Secret SAUCE guide (PDF 1.8MB)

Presentation: The recipe for persuasive messages – the Secret SAUCE

Thanks heaps Peter for generously sharing your insights and framework. It’s a simple recipe that should help heaps.

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