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Notes from NetSquared 12 July 2016: Twitter

Thanks notetaker (she asked for anonymity…)

1. Lachlan McKenzie, NZ Resuscitation Council, @NZResusCouncil

     Hashtags and List

  • Way of grouping something into a conversation, can easily search these and save them.
  • Always use #NZResus. Can embed #NZResus on website, so anyone using that #NZResus will appear on website, can be utilised to extend reach.
  • Lists: ways to segment audiences, add people to them => then they get notification. Way to sort information and value people.

     Be where the people are

  • NZRC can access audiences they previously couldn’t,  e.g. paramedic groups
  • Can then use influential members of groups to tweet a # made by NZRC and extend reach and credibility. “Reach one person, reach thousands more.” Helps Not For Profits to achieve their mission.
  • Also about context: not for everyone, or every nature of work but can move info around international community, i.e. global Resuscitation councils.

     Give something back

  • Things you find interesting
  • Pics, stories and videos from your audiences
  • Enable the conversation


2. Stephen Blyth

  • Is Twitter use moving to one-way communication, i.e. broadcasting?  Losing some of its fun.
  • NZDF retweet @PeterDunneMP, to show acknowledgement of stance. But he can also act as an influencer.
  • Use for direct relations with media, follow journalists and challenge them or give them ideas. Can also hold them to a level of accountability.
  • Can use to amplify other people’s tweets about pertinent events.
  • Be careful of the power of what you say, as info moves rapidly.


3. Katie Byrne

  • Taylor Swift’s personal brand and giving back can transcend to your organisation.
  • Need brand evangelists to create content and amplify messages for them. Particularly for Not For Profits with low resources.
  • It’s about customer experience not customer service.
  • Harnessing # and speaking to the tone and style needed for your community. E.g. topical # like Spark with new Pokémon app => cheap, but very relatable for young audiences and further engagement.
  • Nurture your community in a personalised way.
  • Utilise your people and give them the ability to create content for free.

Thanks to all our speakers.


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