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DK's opening talk set a energised, cooperative tone

DK’s opening talk set a energised, cooperative tone

TAKEAWAYS: 13 collaborative session notes are linked from the unconference matrix

At Massey University, 10th Feb 2017

There was a great buzz at the conference. We felt (and were told) it went very well, with great discussions, information exchange and networking, good feedback, and useful ideas for next time.

sponsors and supporters

The unconference could not have happened without the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.

We are very grateful to:

Massey University, who provided the extensive venue free which made the whole thing possible; the welcome and assistance from Massey staff was, in a word, fantastic: from advice at planning stage, to setup and signage on the day, all friendly, professional, helpful and very well done – many many thanks!

Lively discussion in one of the breakout spaces

Lively discussion in one of the breakout spaces

InternetNZ, whose sponsorship removed much of the financial risk:coupled with careful budgeting, this let us set a low entry fee of $35, making the unconference very accessible and excellent value for our audience of community and voluntary organisation workers and volunteers. With this, good bookings, and no venue costs, the event made a small surplus.

Volunteers, who gave generously of time and expertise in organising, creating graphics, manning the reception desk, acting as room hosts and session convenors, and generally making things go smoothly. DK set the tone with an opening talk on trusting and sharing – but also remember to listen; his later sessions on social media were outstandingly popular.

Participants, who entered fully into the sharing, questioning, discussion and fun of the event.

Thank you, thank you all.


Speed Geekingthe numbers

  • 72 participants
  • 19 topics in
  • 5 streams and
  • 20 sessions in
  • 5 rooms/spaces giving
  • 13 collaborative session notes (accessible from the unconference matrix)



from participant feedback forms

  • Did you find the conference worthwhile scored 82% of maximum
  • Would you recommend the unconference scored 87.5% of maximum
Collaborative note taking in the digital inclusion session

Collaborative note taking in the digital inclusion session

Typical answers to What did you like best were

  • Networking opportunities/Meeting people
  • It was great to be with people who have same issues as I do (limited budget and time) and (generally) non financial goals
  • The practical advice and learning conversations
  • The mix of folks and the palpable hunger to learn.
  • It addressed real issues we were engaged in.
  • It was really well organised, fun and a good group of people – keen to attend another

The most useful sessions were social media (basic and advance), website usability and accessibility, WordPress, CRM. On the day there was also a lot of interest in editing videos for mobile devices., email marketing and newsletters.


Informal seating in Fern – or was it Flax? – helps discussion

Informal seating in Fern – or was it Flax? – helps discussion

In summary

  • the unconference met its objectives
  • participants found it well worth while
  • there’s demand and volunteer support to run another in 2018
  • we covered our costs, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors

We’ll be in touch when planning the next unconference, and hope to see you at some monthly NetSquared meetups.

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