About NetSquared

“Ideas you can use from every session”

NetSquared Testimonial: Technology is constantly changing

Wellington NetSquared gathers together people who are interested in using technology for social change.

See and share practical ideas that work; network; find or give advice, help or inspiration!

What and when

Volunteer Net Squared co-organisers Stephen and Bill host free in-person lunchtime meetups on the second Tuesday of the month.

The format for our lunchtime sessions goes like this:
– 12.15pm: arrive for a cuppa & networking, BYO lunch
– 12.30pm: presentation/ talk/ learning  / Q &A
– 1.30pm: wrap up, informal networking.

Who and why

Nonprofit workers will find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere whatever your experience with technology, and many chances to ask questions of tech-experienced nonprofits and experts.

Planners and policy makers will meet and learn from those at the coalface of social work and change.

Techies and consultants will find opportunities to put your expertise to social good, and potential for building relationships with leading organizations in your community.

Activists and community leaders will see and be given the opportunity to present on successful uses of technology for social change.

No free lunch 🙁

Not content to simply focus on “shiny tech,” we’ll explore what can really help community non-profits be more effective, what the potential for social change is in each case, and where technology can’t yet help.

There’s no free lunch (bring your own!) – you’ll contribute to discussions; help choose future topics; share your experience informally or consider presenting.

There are ‘take-away’s though – Stephen, Bill and speakers’ aim is that most everyone will leave with at least one actionable insight, as well as enjoying an interesting, stimulating lunchtime.

You’ll find presentations and other takeaways in the Takeaways section.


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