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NetSquared Wellington is one of 60 plus similar networks supported by TechSoup. You can find out about the people behind this network here.

member_248201827[1]Bill Dashfield – Co-organiser

I’ve been in IT since the dawn of time (almost! Has used manual card punches, remembers upgrading mainframe disc drives to a massive 20MB each…), and has been developing and managing websites since 1995, for IT, government, retail and community and voluntary organisations.

With long involvement in the 2020 Trust digital literacy and inclusion projects (NetDay, Wellington Community Net, Computers in Homes…), I also helped Stephen on CommunityNet Aotearoa to increase delivered value twenty-fold, co-authored a e-learning collaborative toolkit, researched and presented on NZ community ICT trends and enablers, contributed to the NZ Digital Strategy and evaluated accessibility and usability of many NZ websites.

On a long trip back to the UK,  I worked on accessible websites mainly in health & justice, but also managed e-commerce site, SEO & Google shopping, sailed on the UKs east coast, and camper-vanned round UK & Europe.

Currently looking after the 2020 Trust’s websites (, I’ve recently joined Stephen to help with net2welly, a great initiative!

Married, with 3 grown up children. Enjoys tramping, skiing, sailing, reading, Euro & cooperative board games…

sblyth-portrait-square[1]Stephen Blyth – Co-organiser

Soon after I stumbled on the web I realised community organisations and NGOs could benefit immensely from this vast network. And so it has proved to be the case: the web offers unparalleled ways for organisations to connect with people, get organised and learn.

Since working on the co-creation of CommunityNet Aotearoa website in 1998 I’ve been helping people with online communications. I’ve done this work as a freelancer, a Trustee and faithful member of the New Zealand public service, on the staff of NGOs, plus in my weekends as a volunteer, and of course with net2welly.

When not deeply immersed in all things community and web, I like nothing better than weeding or kayaking with my family on the Kapiti Coast, devouring homemade wholemeal bread and homebrew with friends, and endlessly talking about trips (both planned and completed).

My full bio – plus my occasional blog, web DIY digital mini guides etc – is on my website


About NetSquared – a global movement

The vision for NetSquared is to make it easy, meaningful, and fun for people and organizations to get the information, visibility and in-person support they need to maximize technology for social good. Founded in 2005 we bring together civil society and the technology community. Support to run NetSquared meetups is provided by TechSoup.