2017 unconference topics (archive)

We are creating a list of suggestions of topics people coming to the unconference want to cover. Everyone attending is welcome to suggest a topic you’d like to learn about or to lead a session on.

Sessions can be about anything relevant to use of the web or online communications by community and voluntary organisations. This could include:

  • showcasing a great website or project
  • swapping notes with others in the same role or using the same technology
  • a technical or strategy question you’d like ideas on
  • an invitation to help solve a nutty problem.

Remember, the actual programme will be created on the day by everyone attending. At the opening session people pitch to take the lead on one of 20-25 available time slots. Pictured here is the programme matrix from 2014.

Photo of people looking at an empty unconference programme

Add your topic ideas using the comments below, or email Stephen your suggestion(s) now.


12 comments on “2017 unconference topics (archive)
  1. Lachlan McKenzie says:

    Content calendars – I’d like to find out about content calendar tools that are actually feasible for small not-for-profits. Who uses them, and how effective has this been? Would be great to hear others’ ideas!

  2. Louise Lum says:

    Website usability – The Community Comms Collective runs a free website usability assessment service and could do a session where we offer ‘live’ assessments ie, review websites as a group so participants can get some constructive feedback on their sites, and others can contribute their thoughts and get some usability tips. Participants who are keen to have their website reviewed will receive a report containing the feedback gathered in the session and if we run out of time, organisations who would like an assessment can leave their details with us and we can match them with one of our website usability volunteers. How does that sound? Looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Kay Jones says:

    Webinars, pros and cons and how to set up for mixed audiences, including people with vision or hearing impairments. I’d like to learn more as an organisation I volunteer for is thinking about using these for skills sharing.

  4. Josh Forde says:

    It seems to me, a walk through the various crowdfunding initiatives to do crowdfunding would make a good session. I’m not an expert on the campaigns but work with PledgeMe so would be ok to led a session.

  5. I’d really like to learn more about the challenges that NGOs and such groups are facing, and what might help their communities generate/share information better/more easily, engage with govt better/more easily, and feel more empowered in the decisions they make.

    Of course, we’re especially interested in election-related stuff this year (how do people figure out who to vote for? Where do you find your information? If you don’t vote, how could we make it easier for you to do so? Etc).

    I come from a civic tech / open government / open data / engagement background (as a civilian!), so super keen to hear how me and mine might be able to help 🙂

  6. I’d really like to learn more about how to use social media to publicise an event or campaign to get the best possible coverage at low (or no) cost. I’m a novice with using facebook, Eventbrite, Such Crowd and Strikingly and I’d love expert tips on using them and other great tools and ideas too!

  7. Natalie Bould says:

    I’d like to understand the mechanics of monitoring and getting the most out of Adwords, Facebook etc. I completely understand the whys and hows, but I find it a bit of a struggle to navigate the dashboards to get to and analyse the important information that’s useful for NGOs

  8. Ayumi Sakakibara says:

    I’d like to learn more about effective online marketing in terms of raising awareness and reaching people in the same field. Also would be great to hear how other organisations are using Facebook and Twitters etc. I’m interested in Webinar pros and cons too as that’s my organization is considering in long run.

  9. I’m interested in integrating/streamlining admin, I want to get data out of a booking system (Bookwhen) and into both an attendance sheet(Google Docs) and accounting system (Xero). I’m thinking Google App Script.

  10. Nicky Sargent says:

    I’d like to see something about putting together newsletters, and way’s of communicating with our stakeholders particularly around fundraising.

  11. I am keen to learn about leveraging facebook and other social media to get traction with messaging. This includes the use of video which is the in-thing, but I wonder how well it works? Does anyone know? Also the benefits of email vs text; even snail mail! for getting vital commununication to our members. I work for union, btw

  12. Rob Ramsay says:

    I can run a talk on entry-level computer security (passwords, account-hijacking, etc) if that would interest folks.

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